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Your needs

Change is perpetual, companies must react

We live in a society in constant evolution, accelerating all the time.

Technology is an incredible driver for such change and new business opportunities. No market player can be left untouched.

Innovation is not only technological but also organizational, processual and cultural. Companies must constantly reinvent themselves to be more modular and agile.

The diversity and complexity of projects are constantly increasing. Implementation often requires additional managerial resources and new specific skills.

Strengthen your managerial team as required

Because the necessary abilities and expertise are not always on hand internally, our interim managers intervene on demand, in line with your needs, to strengthen your operational, financial, strategical, IT or technical management team.

A lack of resources

a-nova provides the resources you lack, for example in providing a bridging function or when expanding into a new market.

Our interim managers are the agents of your change.

Address your challenges - Seize your opportunities

Continual management of a fast changing environment or simply seizing new opportunities for growth  –  a-nova is an integral element in the mastery of your defensive and offensive challenges.



Sudden departure, fast track recruitement




Divestments, sale of
assets, site closure

Offensive – Active


New markets, activities,


Operational optimization, digitalization, culture


Business model, M&A, innovation, outsourcing

Offensive – Proactive


Audit, inspiration, strategic/
organizational review

Be better leader

Coaching, personalized support, networking

Exit strategy

Succession, sale

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