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Continual management of a fast changing environment or simply seizing new opportunities for growth – a-nova is an integral element in the mastery of your defensive and offensive challenges.





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“Try & Hire” at the highest level – why not?

“Try & Hire” at the highest level – why not?

An experienced executive looking for a new challenge often struggles to find a suitable role.  Despite the skills and experience of the seasoned executive, companies often prefer to hire younger executives, based on the perception that they will be more adaptable to change and less costly.  How can we challenge this perception? When a company […]

What do I need to know?

What do I need to know?

As leaders, we are often working under extreme time pressure. We have the tendency to go straight to the point, thinking that we are saving time.  The “straight to the point approach” provides us with quick answers to our own questions, but is it enough?  How can we find out what the most important issues […]

Créer une dynamique de changement

Créer une dynamique de changement

Nous pouvons souvent lire que les employés résistent naturellement au changement, est-ce bien vrai ? Oui, ils résistent à la douleur du changement et à la peur de l’inconnu, mais pas nécessairement au changement en lui-même. Quand les leaders mettent en place un environnement d’ouverture et de confiance – expliquent la situation d’aujourd’hui, les objectifs […]

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